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A running build journal of my entire adventure with this epic car.


A   running list of all the effort that has gone into this car. I’m pulling all of this off of my build log on dsmtuners. I kept detailed pics of everything I have done over there for years. This is likely the death of my thread over there.  I wrestled with the idea of moving it here as it is a ton of work but I am more concerned with data loss than ever. So here it is, all 8 years and the 1000’s of photos in all its glory…..make sure you are on wifi. Hahaha.

T he story begins with a rusted out frame that I bought site unseen with a really strong drive train. It arrived in 2010 and immediately failed a road safety inspection. In fact the tech wanted to take pics and send it to the DOT. At that point I did not know wtf to do but I still knew it checked off 6 things on my list. Steel block, closed deck, proven reliable to 10,000 RPM, turbocharged, all wheel drive, and most importantly proper double wishbone suspension front and back. I quickly got to work and honestly still haven’t stopped. This thing is strong and currently hits 30psi on 94oct. But we’ll get to that.

August 2010

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