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A   running list of EVERYTHING. This is going to get deep and take some time to fill out as far/in depth as I want too. Its a rough story with some epic wins / crushing defeats and I do not want to share it but if it can inspire or motivate someone else maybe its worth it. I’m going to add blog posts as I feel motivated / down / mad enough too. This is the last bit I have to do on this site and I have been dragging my heels on it. Emoting about shit is really not my favorite, but again to help others. I really just want to make videos so I will grind this out just to be past it.

The story begins with a the usual like being born and going to grade school and eventually university. But that’s at the bottom, and I’m gonna work from the top down because the newest chapters are the most exciting.

October 2018

Getting Worried.

Getting Frosty Outside I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME.  Oooooooh man am I getting worried about the weather. I still need to trench for the electrical cable so I can get power out to the garage. The garage needs power for heat (and tools). I am having a hard time getting ahead on videos. There is so much to process [...]

September 2018

100 subs AND a patron? Same day? WOOOO!

I Broke 100 Subs My First Week! SUPER LEGIT, NO TRICKS.  I am beyond excited. Also a little bit validated too I suppose. I have many reason's for launching this, but to reach even 100 subs is truly motivating. I am so so so pumped up. I am going to shoot a video about it. I am probably to excited to [...]

New Beginnings – Creator

The Lucas Is Busy Channel SUPER EXCITING TIMES Look at me! I started a channel! I came to this creator world at the suggestion of a few friends. It was not a light decision. Putting yourself up there for the world to see makes one a bit nervouse. Not only up in front of the camera, but all the other [...]