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Lighting and Audio

Rode VideoMicro Compact

This is my initial mic and gets the job done. It’s not as good as the VMPR so manage your expectations. It’s great for action cams like the GoPro due to it’s tiny size but a bigger active mic is needed for the DSLR. FUN FACT: My intro vid of my fireplace actually melted the end of this mic getting those crispy sounds! Ops. ūüôā

How much $ ?

Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro with Rycote Lyre Shockmount

OooooooOOOOO! I loooove this thing! So good! The sounds it produces are amazing balls! A little compression in post and your good to go. I opted for this over the newer one because I’m cheap. Hahahah.

How much $ ?

Neewer 1600W Photo Studio Video Softbox Lighting Kit

Mega cheap lighting kit. Works as advertised and works well. I would and will get another one of these kits. Really an all in one budget lighting kit. No complaints at all, so smooth.

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Neewer Photo Studio 176 LED

These things are awesome. They have the dimmer and use the super common NPF battery. Last for about 4 hours on the little battery which is crazy long. I also grabbed the AC adapter to not have to worry about power. They have the 1/4 thread on the bottom too so they plug into the gorilla pods, mic stands, and mini tripods for superior robustness. Love em.

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Boya By-M1 Lavalier Microphone

I like the sound this produces over the Rode lav mic for some reason. Just the way it colors it vs the Rode’s color. It’s a personal choice but it’s still my favorite. Comes with a mega long cable too so no worries there. Also it’s 1/5th of the cost of the Rode so that makes it a easy budgetary choice.

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Zoom H1n

I wanted a recorder with a stero mic in it. The H1n also has the auto limiter which works really well in places like conventions or the pits or somewhere loud. I do not really like the auto leveler at all. Using the low pass filters works really well but I pefer to do that all in post anyways. The stereo sounds this thing produces with a dead cat on it are awesome as well. A lot of value in this thing for sure.

How much $ ?