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Getting Worried.

Getting Frosty Outside I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME.  Oooooooh man am I getting worried about the weather. I still need to trench for the electrical cable so I can get power out to the garage. The garage needs power for heat (and tools). I [...]

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100 subs AND a patron? Same day? WOOOO!

I Broke 100 Subs My First Week! SUPER LEGIT, NO TRICKS.  I am beyond excited. Also a little bit validated too I suppose. I have many reason's for launching this, but to reach even 100 subs is truly motivating. I am so so so pumped up. [...]

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New Beginnings – Creator

The Lucas Is Busy Channel SUPER EXCITING TIMES Look at me! I started a channel! I came to this creator world at the suggestion of a few friends. It was not a light decision. Putting yourself up there for the world to see makes one [...]

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The Game Sept 18 – Round 1

Round 1 PICK YOUR VERSION Pick the version that best suits you. PDF for offline, or if you want to print it. All other versions save your progress locally on your phone/tablet/desktop. PASSWORDS are sent to patrons and are embedded in my YouTube videos [...]

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