Getting Frosty Outside


Oooooooh man am I getting worried about the weather. I still need to trench for the electrical cable so I can get power out to the garage. The garage needs power for heat (and tools). I am having a hard time getting ahead on videos. There is so much to process each time. For example I have been waiting 33min for  407,121 frames to render so I can edit them down from 5 hours to 50 seconds. The viewer retention graphs show that viewers do not like too long of a timelapse. I figure once I reach a certain mass of subscribers on YT then I can re-drop these as full length timelapse and I’ll get more minutes watched, for now though I have to chop em down. 🙁

Turns out, I WAS way to pumped for my 100 sub video. I do not like that one at all, ops. Hahaha. Lesson learned. Calm down before I drop a video like that. I feel more like I know where I am going with these last few videos though. I am still playing catch up right now. 12-15 more videos to clear up before I hit a “Live Show”. I am so stoked for that. Then I will be able to iterate much more quickly and react real time instead of watching the same mistake propagate through several more videos.

I hope everyone sticks around through these first few mistakes, I have a lot to learn a still.

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