I Broke 100 Subs My First Week!


I am beyond excited. Also a little bit validated too I suppose. I have many reason’s for launching this, but to reach even 100 subs is truly motivating. I am so so so pumped up. I am going to shoot a video about it. I am probably to excited to do a good job, but I don’t care. I think its more important to dry a line in the sand and say “Here, this is where I crossed 100 subs my first week”. It may seem trival now, but I frequently look back at these little marker’s I leave for myself and smile later on. Days, weeks, years later it still makes me smile. 🙂

Also just got my first Patron! Shout out to Jon! A very impactful gesture to as well. 2 things in 1 day! My head might explode. This is another line in the sand to me, and an equally important one in my eyes. Thank you!

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