The Lucas Is Busy Channel


Look at me! I started a channel! I came to this creator world at the suggestion of a few friends. It was not a light decision. Putting yourself up there for the world to see makes one a bit nervouse. Not only up in front of the camera, but all the other stuff that goes with it. The editing is all you, the coloring of the footage, the capturing of the video with the right aperture/shutter speed on the camera, the audio backing tacks later on, the thumbnails on the videos, the banners on the channel, the website, the merch line, the patreon page……

The list is huge because you are literally build a brand from the ground up. From nothing. Stick your hands in that virtual dirt and plant your digital self. Huge amounts of fucking work. Seriously, I had no idea what it would take, but here I am. All done and ready to post. I would put the amount of effort I have put in over the last 4 months on par with a term from and engineering degree. I did not realize how little I knew until I was done building all of this. Can you really appreciate the amount of work that you expended on a project until you are done and can step back? I do not think I am capable of that until the job is done.

The MAIN reason why I started this channel was because I sensed a shift in the way business and manufacturing and innovation is being done. I believe we are transitioning from where major corporations hire and squander their talent to where that talent strikes out on their own and makes things better. I feel that people want to do business with the businesses that take the time to develop a relationship with them. I see more and more business doing better on Instagram and YouTube because of this insight and I know its the way of the future. I have some ideas to share and up until very recently I thought my only path was to sell out to a major corporations at pennies on the dollar. Now I am going to share these ideas directly with my supporters as I create them. I have several ideas on the table, but 1 very special turbo innovation is what I am pushing first and foremost.