Parts Are SUPER Bent


Bent parts mean I have to bring in the big guns to force them back. First shot from the front and first impression was “man does that spacer ever push that wheel out…not sure I like that.

Second shot from the front and second impression was “wtf….it didn’t push it out as far this side….wait a minute here….”

Something is definitely wrong here….one side is waaaay out. Did that piece of shiiit hit a curb and sell me his bent shit!?!? I’ve bent enough uprights with my Hondas to know something is messed up here. WTF!!

Ripped it all apart to check measurements on these uprights….

Got em dead flat on the floor to measure…

Damn close to 3″ on center of the BJ hole on the good upright…

Nooooo!!!!!! 4″?!?!? Mos def bent. Asshat sold me his busted shiiiit. Good thing I am a master metal worker I can fix this but did NOT need to deal with this.  >:(

I got 7 3/4″ on the good one….

And then I get 8 ” on the other…mos def bent….

Sooooo at the locally military base there’s an auto club civilians can join. The rate is sick too….$2/hr for a reg bay (with a full chest of tools), $4/hr for the bays with 2 post car hoists, and $6/hr for the paint booth. They have crazy tools there and LOOOOOOTS of them. Welders, tire mounting machines….AND a 50 Ton HUGE ass press. I threw the upright on the press with a small jig bolted to it to keep it square to the press head. I used a straight edge and my calipers to check the distances against my good upright. Back and forth little by little I forced the thing back into shape.

12 TONS!! Damn it took a lotta pressure to get it back into shape.

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