Slow Down Stupid Idiot


The EVO 8 brake upgrade with JDM Galant knuckles, braided brake lines, 17/16 master cylinder, and 8″ +9″ brake booster. It is all designed to stop me dead fast right meow. Bigger master for less pedal movement means more sensitive to my toes. Upsized booster is to match the new MC. Braided brake lines for that added protection they can offer but also better and stiffer foot feel.

So I originally bought this off a member of dsmtuners. He’s no longer a member but needless to say I got shafted on the sale. The pics he posted were not what I got. The front calipers were crudely “shaved” with a grinder to clear his rims. The shaved calipers were not in the pics but rather he posted a pic of come clean calipers. Not happy when I got em, and I did bitch but got nowhere with that. In the end they were functional after I fixed the shit outta them. Amazingly I got them back to factory spec.

You can really see the “shaved” caliper. I was super unhappy to find this. Why do people have to be so shitty. I would never let anything out my door that embarrass me like this would. It’s functional and safety is debatable but it has held up so far.

The painted (super shiiitly) is the upsized booster. From the Top they were both the same thickness.

From the front you can see how much larger of a diameter the upsized one is. As far as pedal feel it made a massive difference much softer but the brakes grabbed much harder for the same level of force on the pedal.

Bearing was rusted in there pretty good. Took quite a bit of force to press em out. Buffed up the rusted surfaces and they slide right into the new uprights.

So To clear my rims (and any future rims) I threw on a 1/2″ spacer….well that spacer means I would run out of wheel stud. I found these studs locally with the same thread pitch and length plus the extra 1/2″ in the base. Literraly the same stud with just an extra lil bit on it.¬† Later on I tested the stud with my reg rims without the spacer and the base did not protrude into the bolt hole. I can run with or without the spacer without any issues. Perfect. ūüôā

Went to throw on the rotors and found the new studs actually were bigger than the rotor stud hole….

Nothing a drill can’t fix. Spun em on the car after they were drilled out and they were still perfectly hub-centric. No wobble. Fcuk ya!

Big fatty spacer! FTW! You can see here that the base of the stud just barely protrudes from the rotor. Now if I get rims with the proper offset to clear, these studs will still work. ūüôā

Finished shot! Man they look good.

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