Project Warface Introduction


Sooooo to kick this off I bought this car specifically because it had steel block, closed deck, proven reliable to 10,000 RPM, turbocharged, All wheel drive, and most importantly proper double wishbone suspension front and back. Steel deck can take soooo much more boost than aluminum at the price of weight. Closed deck on the block again means it can take a lot more boost than a semi open or open block. Many builders have pushed these blocks to 10,000 RPM and beyond many times and high redlines are key at the track. It comes turbocharged stock which means a lot of space for the plumbing because its all there from the factory. All wheel drive for obvious traction requirements when your boosting hard around corners struggling for grip. And finally the double wishbone suspension front and back for the superior handling and braking characteristics it offers over every other design.

This car came to me site unseen, meaning I had not seen the car before it arrived at my house. As I inspected it I found it perfectly matched the pics, however when I took the car to have my inspection done the mechanic told me the frame was pooched. Rusted right out and in fact he was supposed to take pictures of it and send them into have it blacklisted. He fortuantly let me leave no pics taken and my first thought were fight with the dealership that had sold me the car. I decided to give them a call and bitch as when I looked closer at some of the paperwork they had emailed I could make out where words were redacted with white out from inspection documents they had sent me. They gave me back well over half my cash which means I got the white talon for the price of transport, a mere $1100CAD. With only 110,000 km’s on the motor and the compression test coming up green I was happy and made a plan.

My master plan was to take all the good bits from the AWD turbo car and put it in a good frame with a shot motor (or something rendering it useless and therefore cheap). I quickly found all AWD versions were rusted out in the sameway, so I sourced a FWD non turbo model as the frames seemed very similar. Sure the frame rails were on the wrong side, but I could fix that easy and it made for a good project. For $900CAD you can’t deny its value….the GREEN shell and the WHITE donor shall become 1.

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