You can find great strength in knowing others have gone through something similar as to what you are going through or are going through. Something about your mirror neurons in your brain and how empathy is wired.
Origin Full Story

TL;DR The short story version is: I have made it through a lot of  obstacles to get here. As the world dismantled the oil sands in Canada, I watched my career crumble. For years I jumped from company to company and watched as thousands were laid off, wages were repeatedly cut, and eventually the jobs dried up. I could have sold all my stuff and easily emigrated to another country where they still value their talent, but I’m full of “I’ll f**king show you” attitude and I’m going to try something different. I am going to try the Creator route and see what I can make of it.

Full Focus

Full Focus.

“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.” -Oprah

Here’s my 50000ft view on struggles: everyone is enduring their own personal battle and I’m no different. You are going through some stuff and I’m going through some stuff. I personally like to use all of it as motivation to complete projects, pour myself into my work, and elevate myself past whatever. Some projects last 10 years and some last a mere few months. These are the top 3 long term projects off my list and have 100% of my focus.

Innovation is a tough road and reinventing your whole life is a steep climb. To see why I chose this route see my Origin story, but the TL;DR is my entire industry and career crumbled around me and to keep doing what I was doing I had to emigrate OR I could reinvent myself entirely. I have heard here and there that I should document some of my insanity that is my life so I took that advice and I bought a camera and started my channel. The thing is, I do crazy projects all the time so I have no shortage of content. What I do lack however is video production skill. I’m not worried about that though as skill comes with practice. I am super stoked about this because everything I edit so far makes me smile. Instead of working a traditional career I am going to try the Creator route and see what fruit this will yield. What a fun experience this will be.


I created Yünq ( yo͞oˈnēēk/ ) because I felt weird wearing clothes that are branded with other company’s logos. Other creators have merch but “Lucas Is Busy” seemed like a weird brand to wear and a plain shirt is just so…bland. Reinvention is a long road so I gave myself the weekend to do it and roll with whatever I came up with. I bought Adobe Illustrator and developed Yünq Company and everything around it. Super happy with it. The logos, the site, the merch itself (I’m living out of the second hoodie I designed). Since Yünq quickly became it’s own entity and had logos and site work done I quickly realized I could just launch the rest of my products there as well. Market disrupting kinds of products. All under Yünq Company. Started as a merch company but evolution is a funny thing.


Two years ago I visited the Science Museum in London and there I found the legendary attic workshop of engineer James Watt (recreated to some extent I’m sure). Mind blasting for an engineer like myself to see that James Watts was innovating with steam in this tiny workshop with literal sticks for tools. At that moment I realized that I needed to do better. I needed to be more hands on with innovating. Within a month of being home I found an insanely good condition 1974 Atlas 12 x 36 lathe and began the steep climb of learning to machine. It’s been a very fun and rewarding experience. More recently I acquired a 1995 Haas VF3 that I crammed into my home garage. I need all the tools I can get my hands on to disrupt the things I want to.







Support me and I promise to show you how all this works. The Youtube ad money, Patreon’s back end, how I do my merch line and the profit/suppliers, this very website, and very soon the patents and IP law.
How can you support me? EASY! So many ways! You could watch my vids or subscribe to my channel so that I can trend higher and make more ad money from Google. Or you could purchase some merch at Yünq to stay warm in which I make a very small profit on. Or become one of my patrons (like Leonardo da Vinci needed!) on my Patreon page and pledge $1 a month and play a game of wits with me each month. Or by going through my Gear and  purchasing something you like I make a small commission (you pay nothing extra) for bringing Amazon that sale. Any (or all) of these things helps to support me by allowing me to continue to create and build. I am incredibly grateful to anyone and everyone who supports me through any of the methods above. Thank you. 🙂


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